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    About Us

    Esports Community College League (ECCL) is an esports league that connects community colleges from around the country. The league aims to provide a platform for community colleges to showcase their talent and compete in a structured and organized environment.

    Mission Statement

    Our mission at Esports Community College League is to provide a platform for collegiate esports players to showcase their skills and foster a sense of community within the competitive gaming world. We aim to promote esports as a legitimate form of sports competition and create opportunities for students to pursue their passion for gaming while building valuable skills for their future careers. Through fair play and inclusivity, we strive to foster an environment that supports the growth and development of the next generation of esports leaders.


    What is ESCCL ? 

    The Esports Community College League is a platform for collegiate esports players to compete in organized, structured competitions and events. The league is focused on providing opportunities for students to showcase their skills, build valuable connections, and engage in a fun and exciting extra-curricular activity. The goal of the league is to promote esports as a legitimate form of sports competition and create a supportive community for collegiate gamers.

    Community colleges can join the league by forming teams of players and participating in regular season play, tournaments, and other events. The league provides a range of opportunities for students to get involved, including opportunities to compete as individuals or as part of a team. The league also provides opportunities for students to take on leadership roles, such as team captains or tournament organizers, helping them develop important leadership skills.

    In addition to providing opportunities for students, the Esports Community College League also benefits the wider community by promoting the growth and development of the esports industry and supporting the next generation of esports leaders. Whether you’re a student looking to compete, a college administrator seeking to enhance your technology infrastructure, or a member of the wider community interested in supporting esports, the Esports Community College League is a great platform for connecting and getting involved.

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    What we offer

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    Esport Pods

    Esport pods are the newest educational resources being introduced to schools around the United States.

    The Esport pods are outfitted with the latest computer technology on the market, including Alienware, Dell, HP and Thrustmaster. These hardwares help plug Esport teams into Esport leagues around the globe, providing a regulated mobile gaming unit that enables fair competition, access to equipment and the opportunity for Esport gamers to perform at an optimal level. In addition, these pods offer sponsorship opportunities that can simultaneously fund a school’s program and generate profit.

    Esports and EducationEsports and Education

    Taking education to the next level

    The Esports industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and has also grabbed the attention of students and our educational system. As a result, many high schools and colleges have seen the advantage of Esports and invested in it.
    Using Esports as a new educational resource has yielded numerous benefits for youth aspiring to higher education.

    Some benefits and skills that have been measured include teamwork, social skills, strategic thinking and planning, management of success and failure, time management, sportsmanship, travel skills, honesty, and much more. Esports is here to help students boost their success and to encourage involvement within their school and achieve their goals.

    Today, many schools around the United States have begun issuing Esport scholarships for students wanting to achieve higher education. Read more about the benefits of Esports in schools.